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Austin’s Texas Never Whispers is a southern, independent rock band made up of romantics.  They just can’t help it.


“I’ll walk down to the record store, to see just what’s been sung before, about love and loss and all of that, sing it to me, make me believe once again, like when I was younger, when it changed me,” sings Texas Never Whisper’s founder and principle songwriter, Tim Regan (of indie-rock stalwarts Oh No! Oh My!, Snowglobe, and Antenna Shoes), on  “Record Shop,” the lead track on the group’s debut, self-titled album.  The band, which takes its name from the early Pavement song of the same name, also features ace backing players Joel Calvin and Greg Barkley from Oh No! Oh My!, Dave Quanbury from Twilight Hotel, and Daniel Wilcox from the Ugly Beats.


"I feel like classic albums raised me,” says Regan.  “Life lessons were all learned to a soundtrack.  Nick Drake can almost soothe unrequited love.  Minor Threat can make any junior high school-er a little tougher on a snow day.  And The Smiths bring a new level of individualism and solitude to mowing lawns.”


Texas Never Whispers fights to bring urgency to every gig, every recording, every rehearsal.  The band is dedicated to honest pop craftsmanship, and a well-earned bedrock that comes from years of working out tunes in the basement, sweating on stage, and driving all night after a show lies beneath the group’s debut release.  Part explosive memoir, part epic soundtrack, this ruminative collection of rockers and ballads - recorded at the home of the late Civil War-historian Shelby Foote in Memphis, TN - smolders with road-weary wisdom, as well as hopeless romanticism.


“We long to remain childlike and hope to be forever changed by the songs we love, and the ones we conjure up,” says Regan.


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